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Ice Breakers

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Fun Ice Breaker activities intimidate most folks, however at the Kind Hearted Campout there are many fun games and activities like Groove Dancing that intrigue folks and they feel left out if they miss or don't participate. 

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Water activities when we need to  break the heat

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Kind Heart Coalition brings the 'dunk tank' every year so when you are ready to cool down your friends can help. But that isn't all! Vegan Realty brought the ice baths last year. 

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workshops and speakers 

Past events have included speakers and workshops like Nonviolent Communication training with Eva Hamer from Pax Fauna, community organizer Gwenna Hunter, documentarian Raven Deerbrook, Cami Hoffman from The Raven Corps and Miss Montana USA 2020 and environmental activist Merissa Underwood. 

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art and craft workshops 

enrichment workshops usually happen around midday. We have learned  different painting techniques and about food sovereignty and soil.... what will we have next year?

Community meals

each year we have amazing sponsors who have provided complimentary meals, snacks, drinks and sometimes ice cream! In the past we have sponsors like oatly, minor figures, vadham tea, local roots, follow your heart, tofurky, trupo treats, dandies marshmallows, violife and so many more.......

hiking, dancing, community, yoga,
meditation and relaxation

The Kind Hearted campout has activities to nurture every soul. there are opportunities to inwardly reflect and also connect with fellow like minded folks. there are endless possibilities during your four days at one of san diego's most magical places. 

Our definition of a Kind Heart excludes racism, bigotry and all forms of oppression that exist within a system and that includes speciesism, to stand up against one is to stand against them all. Having a Kind Heart is to be inclusive of all folks.

This is a nonviolent event. This refers to thoughts, words and actions. We ask that folks approach any upset or disagreement with a kind heart. Each year we will have speakers that folks may or may not agree with, we ask that you be kind hearted and non disruptive to the speaker and those listening. 

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