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Kind Hearted Campout 

When is Check-in/Arrival Time:

Arrival time starts on Thursday October 5, 2023 at 1pm. When you arrive please check in at the Check-In canopy once you enter the property, if you arrive after the check-in canopy is closed please follow the signs to the main lodge and follow instructions in your registration download

What is included in registration: 

  • Campsite

  • Custom designed Kind Hearted Campout T-Shirt 

  • 6 complimentary meals - *Drinks are not included that means we are NOT providing morning coffee!

  • Palomar Mountain Spring Drinking water is unlimited

  • Showers & bathrooms

  • Events including workshops, DJ dance party, yoga, art projects, and much more...(Bring instruments for Campfire Kumbaya if you're called to, *campfires are not allowed at campsites, If weather permits we will have a community campfire.)


Are all ages welcome:

All ages are welcome at this event. Folks under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult 18+



We recommend carpooling in groups as parking is tight and limited on the mountain. You can also park at Pauma Casino and carpool up. 

 If you put the Harrison Serenity Ranch address in your GPS you will be going on a dirt road the last 6 miles to the camp. This road is on the side of the mountain and has many turns so we suggest that you arrive during daylight hours. The views are amazing but please drive slowly if you are not feeling comfortable, there is no rush! The road is county maintained yet can be intimidating. (yes your tesla or prius can make it no problem just go slow there is no rush) 

There is also a second option, this is a longer drive yet slightly more paved road. Only the last 4 miles are on a dirt road and you will come in through the state park. (Driving instructions are in your registration download)


What should I bring for camping:

Bring all of your basic camping essentials, if you choose to bring your own food bring that too. You will be responsible for your tent and bedding (unless you have purchased a glamp tent, see below), chairs, reusable dishes, water bottle, cutlery, sunscreen, insect repellent, proper shoes for hiking and dancing, don’t forget clean underwear and toothbrush! If you have not camped before please contact us and we will be happy to guide you on your first camping adventure and provide a basic supplies list! The weather will be hot during the day and warm-to-cool at night so please prepare appropriately and check the Palomar Mountain Weather Forecast

If I purchase a Glamping Tent do I still need to register for the Campout? 

Yes, Each person that attends the campout must register for the Kind Hearted Campout. Glamp Tents do not include registration. If you would like more information on booking a Glamp Tent please email . There are limited Glamp Tent options, reserve yours as soon as you register for the campout if you are interested in one. 

Is this a family friendly event:

All ages are welcome at this event and everyone is welcome to participate in all activities.


Can I come in a Campervans or RV:

If driving a campervan or RV, please contact us ASAP as flat large vehicle parking is limited. Please note that there is only dry camping available/no hookups.


Courtesy at camp:

This is a nonviolent event. This refers to thoughts, words and actions. We ask that folks approach any upset or disagreement with a kind heart. Each year we will have speakers that folks may or may not agree with, we ask that you be kind hearted and non disruptive to the speaker and those listening. 


Bathroom and Shower access:

There are portable bathrooms throughout the property along with 3 outdoor showers, 2 Indoor toilets and 3 indoor showers for campers use.


Housekeeping and property care: 

This is a pack in pack out event, if you bring it in, you take it out. This is sacred land and when we leave we leave without a trace except our footprints. We ask all campers to help keep the mountainside clean, even if it is not yours, pick it up. 


Can I bring a companion animal:

If you plan to bring a community friendly companion animal please let us know what species. You will be on a property surrounded by wildlife including hawks, foxes, coyotes and other predators. They must be well behaved and in your control at all times. This is for the safety of you, your companion and nature. There are other nonhuman animals that live on the property we do not want to disturb in their home. 

Kind Heart Coalition is not responsible for your nonhuman companions well-being or safety.


Will there be vendors, items or food for purchase:

No, We do not have any vendors or folks selling stuff at the campout as we do not want campers to feel the need to spend more money once they arrive and we just want folks to commune, learn and create with minimal financial pressure.  


Can I register for less than the full campout time:

You are more than welcome to attend 1 day or all 4 days. However, There are no day passes or part time passes available. The Campout price is kept as 1 price as low as we can so it is accessible to folks from all walks of life. We have complimentary meals, games, educational talks, dance parties, yoga, meditation and much more. Throughout the weekend we keep a variety of items, ie. Snacks, fruit, sanitizer, sunblock etc for folks to have access too at no extra cost. 

Drinking water access:

Fresh Palomar Mountain Spring Water is available in all of the taps, showers and bathrooms located throughout the 67 acre property. 

Is there cell service and WIFI?

Yes, there is cell service. WiFi is available in limited areas, contact a volunteer onsite. 

Are campfires allowed:

There are no campfires allowed at campsites. If weather permits there will be a community campfire monitored by HSR Staff. 


Refunds, discounts, and options for tickets:

There are no refunds on registration yet they are transferable to another party for the year you registered (It is not transferable to the next year) or you may contact us and we will use it as a sponsor ticket for someone who has financial restrictions and would like to attend. In addition, we are unable to offer discounts for any reason. The Kind Hearted Campout is 100% volunteer organized and operated and is as low cost as we can possibly make it. We wish we could let everyone come for free however it does cost a lot of money to put large events together and we are a VERY small nonprofit. All registration costs for the campout are spent directly on the campout. If you would like to assist with helping us cover some of the costs you're welcome to make a donation. 



Our definition of a Kind Heart excludes racism, bigotry and all forms of oppression that exist within a system and that includes speciesism, to stand up against one is to stand against them all. Having a Kind Heart is to be inclusive of all folks. 


Disability Access: 

For disabled/deaf attendees, a free caretaker ticket is available if your registered blind, deaf, or a wheelchair user. Please send us a message at . Disabled attendees will also have their own parking and camping area closer to the speaker area and , however we must be contacted prior to the event in order to reserve the area for you. Please note that there are no paved paths and most surfaces are uneven, however we will do our best to accommodate differently abled folks.

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