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more speakers to come......  
Until then get to know these folks


Cami Hoffman (They/Them) is the Youth Director of The Raven Corps, an anti-oppression Vegan youth activist organization. When they aren't doing advocacy work, Cami loves spending time with our more-than-human kin and sticking their nose in inspiring theoretical books.

Gwenna Hunter (she/her) finds herself at the intersection of two liberation movements in the US, and specifically LA: the liberation & empowerment of Black lives, and helping others to include all sentient creatures withIn their circle of empathy.

Hunter speaks to a broad range of people and communities across LA, especially within the city’s Black and brown neighborhoods. She has worked directly with a host of local organizations including Black Lives Matter Los Angeles, Black Women For Wellness, Black Women Farmers of LA, KRST Afrikan Spirituality Center, and LGBT Center South to extend Vegan Outreach’s distribution network of plant-based meals and groceries.


Raven Deerbrook (She/Her) is a photographer, filmmaker and interspecies activist who works to bring attention to the horror of slaughter. Some of her work includes "Unseen" (a 2020 short documentary that follows the journey of pigs from Smithfield), a 2021 The Intercept-related investigation which documented criminal treatment of birds at Foster Farms, and earlier this year, "Imperial Dust", a film that connects Costco's animal cruelty to the climate crisis.

Chandra Reddy (He/Him) is a research scientist and also a certified yoga instructor. To spread yoga and compassion, he teaches Ashtanga, Hatha, and sometimes Yin yoga for free in the community parks.


Merissa Underwood (She/Her) is Miss Montana USA 2020 and was dubbed “the most hated person in Montana” for her vegan lifestyle. 

She advocates to end the exploitation of animals through empathetic and open conversation, allowing connection to be the power of transformation.

Melanie Bazzell (She/Her) is an artist and Co-Founder of the non-profit Kind Heart Coalition. She educates, rescues and rehabilitates chickens through her micro-sanctuary Om Tweet Om.

Melanie is the organizer for San Diego Animal Save and media correspondent for Jane Unchained/Unchained TV

Screen Shot 2021-06-29 at 10.17.10 PM.png

Katia Shokrai (She/Her) is an activist for all species, Yoga Instructor, Groove Dance Queen and an absolute inspiration to all folks with a moving and inspiring vegan story that will pull at your heart. Katia believes in educating people about functional body movement, and the benefits of stretching mind, body and spirit while creating space that is challenging, and fun

Eva Hamer (She/Her) is a cofounder of Pax Fauna, which seeks to support the animal freedom movement through evidence based messaging determined through original research and through providing trainings such as in nonviolent communication. A DxE alumn and musician, she created the animal liberation songbook, available at


Shani Starr (She/They) is an Ecological Engineer and intersectional activist- advocating for Animals, Mother Earth, LGBTQ Communities and Civil Rights. They recently received a degree in Sustainable Living with a focus on Regenerative Organic Agriculture and Permaculture Design. Her work focuses on relocalizing food sources, implementing regenerative systems and growing delicious, nutritious, plant based foods and medicine

Andrea Diaz has been doing grass-roots activism since 2016 when she went vegan overnight after watching slaughterhouse footage posted online. She has organized with Direct Action Everywhere, The Save Movement and Meat the Victims. She recently received her Master's degree in Global Animal Law and is organizing advocacy events in Tijuana, Mexico.

2022 Kind Hearted Campout SCHEDULE 
(Schedule times and locations subject to change)



1:00pm Check in - Red Tent at Entry

4:00 - 7:30 Community Dinner - The Radical Beet  -  Corral (Must Preorder, link sent to registrants)

7:45 Welcome - Housekeeping/Community Guidlines- Amphitheater

7:50 Quick Historical talk - Vicky Morgan of HSR - Amphitheater

8:00 Groove Ice Breaker with Katia - Weekend Game Launch - Amphitheater




6:15am Morning Meditation - Shani Lovee - The Nest

7:00am Yoga with Chandra Reddy - Yoga Deck

8:00am Continental Breakfast Bar - Corral

10:00am History Talk & Indigenous Sacred Grounds Walk - 

With Vicky Morgan of HSR-  Amphitheater

11:30am IceBreaker - Human Scavenger Hunt - Amphitheater

12:00pm Bag Lunch - Grab n Go - Corral 

12:30 - 2

Dunk Tank - Jason Bazzell - By Upper Yurt

Nature Scavenger Hunt - Art by Lodge

Art Class - Melanie Bazzell - Art by Lodge

2:30pm Community Organizing with Gwenna Hunter - Amphitheater

3:30pm Get up Stand up - Andrea - Amphitheater

4:30pm Activist and Documentarian - Raven Deerbrook - Amphitheater

6:00pm Dinner - Corral 

7:30pm 10 min Mini Doc Screening - Imperial Dust - Lower Yurt

8:00pm Dance Party - DJ Bianca - Amphitheater




6:15am Morning Meditation - Shani Lovee - The Nest

7:00am Yoga - Chandra Reddy - Yoga Deck

7:00am Hike - Maggie Bellah - Amphitheater

8:00am Breakfast Bar - Breakfast Sandwiches by Slapped - Corral

10:00am Food Sovereignty - Shani Lovee - Amphitheater

11:00am Nonviolent Communication Pt 1 - Eva Hamer - Amphitheater

12:00pm Lunch - On your own 

12:30 - 3

Ice Baths - Vegan Realty - By Upper Yurt

Dunk Tank - Jason Bazzell - By Upper Yurt

Seed Planting - Shani Lovee - Art by Lodge

2:30pm Nonviolent Communication Pt 2 - Eva Hamer - Amphitheater

3:30pm Youth Activism with The Raven Corps - Cami Hoffman - Amphitheater

4:00pm Being an Activist with Disabilities - Melanie Bazzell - Amphitheater 

6:00pm Dinner - Corral

8:00pm Campfire Kumbaya w S'mores - Shani and Brock TBA




6:15am Morning Meditation - Shani Lovee - The Nest

7:00am Yoga - Chandra Reddy - Yoga Deck

8:00am Continental Breakfast Bar - Corral

10:00am Closing Ceremony - Raffle Winners - Game Winners - Amphitheater

11:00am Frozen TShirt Contest - Amphitheater

Our definition of a Kind Heart excludes racism, bigotry and all forms of oppression that exist within a system and that includes speciesism, to stand up against one is to stand against them all. Having a Kind Heart is to be inclusive of all folks.

This is a nonviolent event. This refers to thoughts, words and actions. We ask that folks approach any upset or disagreement with a kind heart. Each year we will have speakers that folks may or may not agree with, we ask that you be kind hearted and non disruptive to the speaker and those listening. 

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