Do I have to get naked and other questions answered

  • Do I have to get naked?!?! 

Absolutely NOT! However this retreat creates a safe space for you to release from the constrictions of our everyday wear. Are you constantly waiting to get your bra off at the end of the day? Bring a scarf or light sundress that you can undress underneath to feel the freedom from clothing restrictions and society 'rules'. Be open and ready to seeing other women's bodies. It is ok to look. We are all the same yet different. But in the end we are all PURE LOVE

  • I CAN'T DO YOGA, I am not flexible! 

No problem! What is yoga? Yoga is not just asanas (physical postures). Yoga is SO many other things. If all you do is sit or lay comfortably THAT IS yoga! Every body is different and every body can 'do yoga'. Some can touch their toes with no problem others may never touch their toes. All of our bodies are different. 

  • Can you accommodate dietary restrictions? 

Yes! All food served at the Stripping the Layers Retreat will be as organic and close to nature as it is available to us. Mother Earth gives us all we need! We will focus on eating real food intended to heal, nourish and cleanse the physical body. At the end of the retreat you will find your body will feel lighter and you will be glowing from the inside out! 


  •  What should I bring to WEAR? 

NOTHING!! However, until you have let yourself relax and feel comfortable make sure to bring a light sundress and/or a big scarf or sarong to wrap around you or you may want to use it to sit on the ground. As always keep an eye on the weather and know your comfort level. If you get chilled bring an extra throw blanket and if there is rain to be expected pack accordingly. Bring sandals or flip-flops to wear if you are not use to walking barefoot. 

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